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Keystone Elections 101

2014 Nominees
  • President
    • Lisa Carpenter
  • Vice President
    • Ken Tomasello
  • Treasurer
    • Jen Motto
  • Secretary
    • Larry Burkert
For those people new to Officer elections here's a quick guide. Where possible, references to the specific section(s) of the bylaws that address a particular point are provided. If a conflict exists between this guide and the bylaws, the bylaws prevail.
  • What Positions are Elected ?
    • You will be voting for President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary (Article V, Section 1)
  • Who Can Run for Office ?
    • ANYONE may run for ANY office (Article VI, Section 4)
  • How Can You Run for an Office ?
    • The standing President chooses a nominating committee at the November wrap-up meeting (Article VI, Section 1)
    • This nominating committee is charged with taking nominations, ensuring that each nominee is interested in running and then providing this list to the standing Secretary
    • The standing Secretary presents the list to the membership prior to the elections
    • Nominations are also taken from the floor immediately before the elections occur (Article VI, Section 4)
  • Who Can Vote ? (Article II, Section 7)
    • A racing family who raced in at least one third (1/3) of the most recently completed Keystone season
    • VIP Members
    • Current Race Directors
    • Current Officers
    • Note, any member who qualifies under more than one of above categories may still only cast one vote (Article III, Section 1)
  • When Do We Vote ?
    • The standing President calls an annual meeting, which must occur within 60 days of the last race of the Keystone season (Article IV, Section 2)
    • Elections are held at this meeting
  • How Can You Vote ?
    • Come to the annual meeting and cast your vote in person via secret ballot
    • If you cannot attend the meeting, cast your vote via absentee ballot. Note, absentee votes must be cast on official absentee ballots (Article III, Sections 4, 5 and 7)
    • Click Here to Download an Absentee Ballot